Board addresses Patrick's status

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On Monday, Superintendent Joe Hunley said the Magoffin County Board of Education has initiated communication with the Kentucky Education Professional Standards Board and asked the attorneys involved in the litigation to draft letters scheduling a meeting with former Magoffin principal, Darrell B. Patrick.

Patrick, 46, pled guilty to drug and firearm charges earlier this month, forfeiting 87 firearms to the federal government after admitting the guns were used to further his prescription pill trafficking activities. Patrick is scheduled for sentencing on October 5 this year.

Though Patrick’s current status within the school system is still suspended with pay, Hunley said the outcome of the meeting will determine the Board of Education’s next step, but he is hoping they can reach a determination before Patrick’s sentencing.

The status remains at a stand-still until the attorneys present Hunley with the necessary information and documentation, which he said he had already expected to receive by now.

“The federal government moves at a much slower pace, but they usually have there I’s dotted and their T’s crossed, so we just have to wait,” Hunley said.

The civil suit between Patrick and the Board of Education is currently stayed and a telephonic conference was held on July 13.

Patrick’s attorney, Beth A. Bowell, reported in the telephonic conference that she has been having difficulty contacting the plaintiff and has not spoken with him since he entered his plea.

United States District Judge Amul R. Thapar ruled that Patrick file a status report indicating whether he wishes to proceed to trial in this case by July 27. If he chooses to continue, the Judge Thapar ordered the parties to confer and, if possible, agree on a date in September for the trial.