Board meeting ends in resignations - 4 out of 5 library members resign

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Today’s regular meeting of the Magoffin County Public Library Board could be the last for a while. Though the meeting began with regular business, it ended with the resignation of four of its members, leaving the library with no working board pending appointments by Magoffin County Judge Executive Charles Hardin.
Board Secretary Tracy Watson addressed the board and guests during the meeting with her thoughts on the recent months’ controversy over the proposed demolition of a former church building.  “Through all of this, not one person has spoken to me directly about the issue, but they can find plenty to say on Facebook,” said Watson. “People who know me know I am not the kind of person that would ever insult or disrespect anyone the way the we have been.” 
She ended her address with her resignation. 
Three other members followed suit, Ronnie Gullett, Kim Rudd and Reeva Whitaker. Each prefaced their resignation with the dates their terms began. Gullett who has been alleged in a law suit filed by board member David May to have served for sixteen consecutive year presented May and others with evidence to the contrary.  Gullett’s term actually started to fulfill an un expired term in January of 2006, which ended in May 2008.  Then Gullett started his two full terms in May of 2008 which would mean his term wouldn’t expire until of May 2016.
It has been confirmed to the Independent by Wayne Onkst at the KDLA that names have been submitted and returned to Magoffin County to replace board members Rudd and Whitaker. 
Attempts to contact the County Judge so see when those replacements would be chosen were unsuccessful.  At this time the library has no functioning board.
In other business before the resignations were tendered the board did vote to hire counsel to represent itself in suit filed by member May.